Enter our gallery to see the first glimpses of our game's development! We'll show you samples from our creative process that show how our game Chronicles of Ancestors is made. Although the game is still in development, we'd love to walk you through our creative process and reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets. However, keep in mind that the game is in development and graphics may change.
Water Wheel.jpg Water WheelThumbnailsWaterfall neer Water WheelWater WheelThumbnailsWaterfall neer Water Wheel
Nestled beneath the branches of a sturdy tree, the water wheel reveals its timeless allure. The tree's foliage frames the scene, offering a rustic perspective on the picturesque wheel set against the backdrop of nature. As water gracefully turns the wheel, the view from the tree imparts a sense of quiet admiration for the symbiosis of human engineering and the tranquility of the surrounding environment.
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