Enter our gallery to see the first glimpses of our game's development! We'll show you samples from our creative process that show how our game Chronicles of Ancestors is made. Although the game is still in development, we'd love to walk you through our creative process and reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets. However, keep in mind that the game is in development and graphics may change.
Waterfall neer Water Wheel.jpg Water WheelThumbnailsWater WheelThumbnails
This captivating image captures the essence of a carefully crafted landscape, where a majestic waterfall gracefully complements the presence of a nearby water wheel. The scene is thoughtfully developed, featuring meticulously arranged greenery and surroundings that enhance the visual appeal. The powerful cascade of the waterfall harmonizes with the rhythmic turning of the water wheel, creating a tranquil haven. It's a seamless integration of nature's beauty and human ingenuity, inviting viewers to appreciate the serenity and sophistication of this well-developed location.
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