Chronicles of Ancestors - Mystic Isle - Overview

First-person grid-based dungeon crawler

Chronicles of Ancestors - Mystic Isle is designed as a first-person grid-based dungeon crawler, which means that the player will traverse the underground corridors and world of Mystic Isle in real-time with limited movement in four directions. Thanks to this feature, players will be able to fully focus on the details and the environment that surrounds them, which will enhance the feeling of tension and uncertainty during the exploration of dark places. Exploration of each location will be based on fighting enemies, discovering secret passages, finding treasures, and solving puzzles and mysteries that can give the player access to secret locations.

Realistic style with fantasy elements

Chronicles of Ancestors - Mystic Isle is a 3D game in a realistic style with elements of fantasy and science fiction, which means that players will be able to explore a world full of magic and technology of the future in a perfectly created 3D environment. Details are carefully modeled and created to give players the best possible visual experience. The player will move with his character in an environment where it will be possible to observe every detail of him, such as moving grass, trees swaying in the wind, flowing water, torchlight flickering in dark corridors, the dwellings of the island's inhabitants and its inhabitants themselves, and so on further. Elements such as magic and technology of the future, fantasy creatures (more than 30 types of enemies) will give the game such an atmosphere that will draw the player into the story and forget about the world around him.

Over 90 Dungeon Floors

Chronicles of Ancestors - Mystic Isle will offer the player more than 90 floors of adventure and combat in the dark underground. Each part will be unique and full of dangers and puzzles, so the player will have to make the most of his character's unique abilities to survive and progress further. He will have to explore every corner, every wall, every stone, because the greatest treasures and equipment are waiting to be discovered.

Open World

The player will be able to move freely throughout the island. They will discover many locations, each of which will have its own history, meaning and tasks that will lead players to solve the mysteries of the island. The player will have the opportunity to interact with various NPCs and will often be forced to decide what actions to take.

Underwater World

The player will not only move on land, but also underwater. There will be many underwater caves and sunken places on the island for the player to explore. It will be possible to find more treasures and equipment underwater. However, the player will have to prepare that the water and the monsters hidden in it will not be given to him for free. Not to mention the constant struggle with the lack of air needed to breathe.

Crafting system

The player will be able to use the crafting system to craft new items or upgrade existing ones. The player will collect resources of the island and use them to craft new items and weapons or upgrade existing equipment.


Chronicles of Ancestors - Mystic Isle will have a main storyline that will guide the player throughout the island and lead to the successful completion of the game. In addition, the player will be able to complete side quests that will provide him with additional resources, raw materials and experience. In addition, the player can gain the favor of various factions, which will offer him additional tasks.


In Chronicles of Ancestors - Mystic Isle, the player will encounter various factions, both NPCs and enemies, that have their own goals, ideologies, and relationships with other factions, but the relationship between the player and each faction will depend on the player's actions and decisions. The player can gain reputation based on his actions towards individual factions and work with or fight against them to get closer to his goal. Factions will offer various perks and rewards that can help the player in his journey around the island.

The Amity system

Friendships with NPCs and factions create another layer for in-game interactions. The Amity system will allow the player to build friendships and relationships with NPCs and factions, thereby gaining more support and benefits. NPCs and factions will have their own preferences, opinions, and practices. If the player chooses to be kind and take an interest in their problems, they can offer benefits such as trait upgrades, new quests, or even gaining invaluable knowledge that will move the player forward. On the other hand, the player can also show aggression towards NPCs and factions to gain their own advantages. The player's relationships with NPCs and factions will also impact dialogue and interactions with them, contributing to the creation of an authentic world where the player plays a role important to the progress of the story.