Enter our gallery to see the first glimpses of our game's development! We'll show you samples from our creative process that show how our game Chronicles of Ancestors is made. Although the game is still in development, we'd love to walk you through our creative process and reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets. However, keep in mind that the game is in development and graphics may change.
Dive into the heart of our game's crafting experience with a behind-the-scenes look at our cooking system. Join us in this exciting gameplay video where we peel back the curtain on the intricate art of culinary crafting. From ingredient selection to perfecting recipes, you'll witness the magic of creating mouthwatering dishes within our virtual world. Hear the sizzle, feel the heat, and experience firsthand how your culinary prowess can shape your in-game destiny. Get ready for a feast of flavors and embark on a delicious adventure in our Cooking Gameplay Video!
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